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Type of use: all images featured at are available for editorial or commercial projects.

Image format: being in the photo-business since the 90s, photographs on have been taken by both analogue and digital cameras (see equipment). As for analogues, most of the images are Fuji Velvia, Provia, Astia, Sensia slides (35mm), a few are negatives (Kodak). From 2006 onwards, photographs are mainly of digital origin (Nikon D200/D300). Regardless of capturing technology, all photographs are provided as high-resolution digital files of the following specifications:

Technical information

resolution: up to 3600 x 5600 pixels - sufficient for A3 (12.2 x 18.7 inches) prints at 300 dpi (larger files can be achieved through drum scanning or careful interpolation)
format: TIFF, JPEG, PSD or other upon request
color profile: typically AdobeRGB (1998); specify if you require otherwise
bitdepth: 8 or 16 bits per channel
size: up to 60 MB for 24-bit files or up to 120 MB for 48-bit files
Normally no digital sharpening is performed on the scans as you are supposed to do it after resizing and CMYK conversion.
If you need even bigger files, I can have a particular image drum-scanned according to your specifications. This will, however, delay the delivery by a few days.

Delivery: digital files can be (i) placed online as ZIP files for you to download, (ii) written on CD and sent by a courier (if you have a FedEx, DHL or other couriers' account), or (iii) written on CD and sent by airmail.

To license an image from, follow this procedure:

1) select a photograph of your choice from the photogallery.

2) Below the photograph, click on "purchase a print".

3) Fill in the required information.

4) Click "request quote". Note - clicking this button does not place the final order.

5) Once we receive your message, we will go back to you as soon as possible to further discuss your order.

Price: the cost of an image depends on its intended use. The following details come into price calculation:

editorial: type and circulation of publication, size and placement of the image, resolution required, number of images purchased.
advertising: the role of my photograph in your project, size of your company, media (banners, website, booklets, catalogues....), period of use.

Note: I do not license images for free, solely for credits or URL links back to my site. Only students may use my images in school reports and presentations, as long as you do not modify the images in any way and obtain my written permission first.

Payment: payment in any currency can be made via credit card (, direct money transfer (fast but expensive) or cheque (cheap but slow).

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